About Georgia Guzman


I am an experienced and versatile 3D artist with over 10 years of experience in the serious games and interactive distance learning industry, creating for iOS, Android, and PC apps.

Software Skills: Maya - Motionbuilder - Unity - Mudbox  - Quixel Suite (PBR) - Photoshop - Illustrator - After Effects

Able to adapt to the project at hand, assisting with the digital asset creation of :

  •  Character animation, Lip Sync animation, and Mocap capture/cleanup
  •  Integration of animations into the Unity game engine, utilizing the Mechanim system
  •  Hard surface and organic prop and environmental modeling - Low/High poly
  •  Photo-realistic texturing and rendering utilizing Physically Based Rendering, in addition to stylized hand painted  texture maps depending on the style of the project
  •  Storyboards
  •  Graphic, web and broadcast design and animation
  •  Video editing/composting
  • Experienced with game engines such as Unity, including the ability to integrate and work with 3d assets within the software.


  • Best Mobile Game, People’s Choice, I/ITSEC 2015 - Mum -T Strikeforce - 3D Modeling/Texturing and Unity integration Support
  • Best Mobile Game, People’s Choice, I/ITSEC 2014Eagle Eye 3D Modeling/Texturing/Animation and Unity integration Support


I have 7 years of 2D experience, with a focus in whimsical and colorful children's  illustration. I apply my animation experience to infuse my artwork with character, emotion and subtle narratives.

Active member of  SCBWI.

Published Titles

A Piece of Sky - Piggy Press Books - Illustrator